Eager to continue a tradition of excellence « à la française » in the field of musical instrument string manufacturing, Philippe Bosset envisions his craft with the same level of requirement that may demonstrate a luthier.

Musician himself, he knows fairly well that strings are the ultimate link between the mind of the musician and the emotion he wants to communicate. It is therefore out of question to neglect any detail when it comes to make the difference between a good and a sublime performance.

So, Philippe Bosset strings are manufactured in an artisanal spirit on high precision machinery, under the constant supervision of skilled technicians. This is the one and only way to achieve a perfectly smooth and regular winding which will insure an absolute harmonic consistency throughout the whole length of the instrument’s neck.

Of course, the materials used – nylon, steel, copper, nickel and silver – also need to be flawless in order to reconcile beauty of tone, loudness and comfort of the performer.

In his quest to offer exceptional quality strings to the most demanding musicians, Philippe Bosset has ultimately only one ambition:

To magnify the talent of the performer as well as the pleasure of the listener.