With a body typically made of an armadillo shell or a casing of hard wood, the charango is inseparable from the Andean folklore, as heard through the highlands going from Peru to northern Argentina and Bolivia.

To restore in all its fullness and clarity the typical sound of this small South American guitar – as well as facilitating the traditional rhythmic playing without a plectrum – Philippe Bosset has conceived two lines of strings based on Black Nylon or Fair Nylon. High quality sets ensuring a powerful sound and offering a true playing comfort to the musician.

Charango 5071

Charango 5071


Black nylon gauges:

.050 .050

.071 .071

.082 .050

.060 .060

.071  .071

Charango 5583

Charango 5583


Clear Nylon gauges:

.055 .055

.075 .075

.085 .055

.065 .065

.071  .071