Instrument of choice for the Eastern classical music, the saz is used for both secular celebrations and sacred ceremonies. Barely known in western Europe, this lute with a typically oversized neck has conquered a vast repertoire respectful of traditions from Turkey to Azerbaijan, through Albania or even Greece .

Due to its unusual length, this instrument represents a challenge for strings manufacturers. It is indeed quite difficult to make long strings possessing an absolutely perfect homogeneity from one end to the other, a definite prerequisite to maintain a very specific harmonic balance.

To take up this challenge and create strings perfectly adapted to the main types of saz, Philippe Bosset did not have to change his production methods.

Made using a top precision machine, these strings have an hexagonal steel core overwound with a Silver  plated copper wiring, protected by an anti-sulfur coating that improves durability while preserving their excellent tone.



Wounded strings: Copper silverplated wound strings based on an hexagonal steel core and benefit from an anti-sulfur protective coating.

Plain strings:  Tinned steel , renforced loop.


.009  .010 .012  .019w .021w

.009  .010 .012